Snoop Dogg took to Instagram over the weekend to clear the air about a video he posted earlier in the week saying he would harm Gayle King. In the video, Snoop states, ” King was out of line in the interview” and never had intentions of harming the reporter. Check out what he had to […]

Gayle King is in hot water today. This is after King asked WNBA star Lisa Leslie, in a recent interview, if she believed that Kobe Bryant’s legacy is complicated due to past rape allegations. After receiving a slew of backlash, Gayle took to Instagram, early Thursday morning, to address the interview and to explain her […]

Looks like our hopes for Oprah to run for president are just “Hopes”. Yesterday Oprah pretty much broke the internet when she was asked could she be president. Her response was “Oh gee, I don’t have the experience, I don’t know enough. And now I’m thinking ‘Oh,” . Well her BFF cleared it all up […]

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When you’re a celebrity, divorces can often get nasty with accusations and insults flying left and right, so it’s nice when a higher road is taken. Gayle King may feel a bit better about her divorce from her ex-husband because he recently offered her a public apology for his past indiscretions. US Weekly has all […]

Gayle King has been Oprah's best friend for over 30 years. If anyone would know whether or not Oprah has beef with someone, it's Gayle. The "CBS This Morning" anchor recently addressed the rumor that Tyler Perry and Oprah have fallen out.

SiriusXM has ended their radio marriage with Oprah Winfrey. On Jan. 1, SiriusXM discontinued the Oprah Channel, after an eight year deal where the satellite…


There’s a lot of side pieces out there, but guess who may be the biggest side piece of them all – Oprah‘s BFF, Gayle King! Listen…