Mark your calendars, as the 2020 Presidential Debate schedule has been released. Donald Trump and Joe Biden will face-off for the first debate on September 29th in Cleveland, Ohio. The two will meet again in Miami, Florida on October 15th and again one last time in Nashville, Tennessee on October 22nd. According to the Commission […]

This legislation could devastate Black women's access to family planning services, STD testing and life-saving breast cancer screenings.


Remember when Pence said Hillary Clinton was “the most dishonest candidate for president of the United States since Richard Nixon?”

#PenceBlackHistory will provide the laughs you've needed all day!


A recap of the moments that had us doing everything from shaking our heads to crying with laughter.

The LGBTQ community welcomed Vice President-elect Mike Pence to his new digs in Washington in the most creative way ever.

U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas will administer the vice presidential oath to Mike Pence during the Inauguration Ceremony on Jan. 20.

Plus, get your Blaxploitation classic on with the new "Black Netflix" and "Hamilton" actor says that cast statement to Pence was not harassment.

On behalf of the show, actor Brandon Victor Dixon delivered a moving statement on freedom and diversity in America.

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Mike Pence may be against Planned Parenthood, but 12.5% of their donations since the election have been made in his name.


Donald Trump claims the election is rigged and is threatening violence on Election Day if he does not win. Is he preparing for a loss?


Will Donald Trump and Mike Pence's embellishment of the truth move voters in the direction of Hillary Clinton?