The Roe Vs. Wade controversy heats up this week in DC! Reps. Jackie Speier and Barbara Lee were two of seventeen members of congress arrested during an abortion rights protest in Washington D.C. Tuesday. Protesters marched from the Capitol to the Supreme Court and were arrested after disobeying orders to disperse. Check out Jackie Speier’s […]

Former President Barack Obama took to Instagram Monday to share a few of his thoughts on how to make this moment a real turing point to bring about change. “It will be a new generation of activist to shape strategies that best fit the times,” the President said in his post. Mr. Obama went on […]

The gospel singer and pastor wants us to pray instead, but why can't we do both?

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz published an open letter this weekend that revealed his company plans to hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years.

Sage Steele gets dragged after criticizing the protesters outside of LAX.

The revolution will not be televised, but you will be able to wear it.

A group of Greenpeace protesters raised a banner with the word "RESIST" near the White House after President Donald Trump signed an order continuing Dakota Access pipeline construction.

Shia's dedication to the anti-Trump "He Will Not Divide Us" movement was put to the ultimate test.

Jaden, being the creative he is, protested alongside the rest of the nation by not protesting at all. Instead, he stood completely still for seven hours.

It's safe to say, no one could fathom the overwhelming turnout for the Women's March in Washington on Saturday (Jan 21).

A lot went on during Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017. President Donald J. Trump was sworn into presidency, and multiple anti-Trump protests erupted throughout the world! Actor, and could-be rapper, Shia Labouf, teamed up with Jaden Smith (as seen above) for the launch of @TheCampaignBook, a four-year long anti-Trump protest . According to the website for […]

Its inauguration day in DC? Why not do the only thing we know how to do. Welcome the new president by the music!