Follow KYS On Twitter: Many know Rotimi as “Dre” in the Starz hit TV show “Power.” Dre’s rise to “power” has been on of the key storylines in season 4 in the television show, making him one of the most celebrated or hated figures in the show. Rotimi is also an rising star in music […]

Follow KYS On Twitter: Don’t look now but the “Power” spoilers are coming! Tuesday night if you checked out social media you may have passed by video containing one of the last 3 episodes of the Starz TV series “Power.” If you left off on season 4, episode 7 you saw Ghost’s wife Tasha (played […]

Looks like Rotimi is making moves away from the POWER set as well. A behind-the-scenes video captured the actor and singer getting very physical with Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Bianca Bonnie. Bianca took to Instagram to personally share the clip of them filming a steamy scene for his next video: She also shared a few stills from the upcoming project as […]


A quick look at his Twitter makes it pretty clear why he's such a hit with the ladies. The 27-year-old seems always ready to drop a flirty emoji on his adoring female fans.

Rotimi has a few other exciting things going on, too. With Rotimi's drive and hustle, he's become a part Chevy's "The Formula."


For Olurotimi Akinosho, better known as Rotimi, he is fully aware of this school of thought. “My purpose here is to break down all types of barriers”

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