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Starz' 'Power' Washington, D.C. Season Four Premiere

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Don’t look now but the “Power” spoilers are coming!

Tuesday night if you checked out social media you may have passed by video containing one of the last 3 episodes of the Starz TV series “Power.” If you left off on season 4, episode 7 you saw Ghost’s wife Tasha (played by Naturi Naughton) finding herself in the arms and lap of Lawyer Terry Silver (played by series newcomer Victor Dixon). Ghost finally gets Tommy the cell phone that his jail mate Toressi (Played by William Sadler) asked him to pass over. At that time with learn that Tommy’s father is actually Toressi!

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We also see the deterioration of life as a teen with Ghost’s kids, Dre’s rise to power (no pun intended) and more.

BUT… If you just so happen to pay attention you will see spoilers from someone who leaked the last 3 episodes of the hit series. People are speculating that 50 Cent may have leaked the last 3 shows due to his displeasure with the Starz Network on how they are handling their Number 1 show.

Some of your friends may have seen it, log on to Facebook and tell the world what they saw so be careful if you don’t want it spoiled. I’ve seen the last 10 minutes and when I tell you I was in shock… WOW!

It might be a good idea just to log out of social media period.

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