It just went TIGER!! They say you can’t teach “stupid” and this story laments that theory to the fullest. A man did his best to become one with a tiger at the Bronx Zoo by jumping into the tiger’s lair unannounced. I’m assuming the tiger was watching Love & Hip-Hop:Atlanta when all of sudden this […]

Can you believe it has been 11 years since the untimely death of one of the most beautiful and talented singers in our lifetime. Today is the anniversary of Aaliyah’s death. She passed in a tragic plane crash on August 25, 2001. Although she may be gone her music and lasting memory still lives. Listen to her […]

Well when things look as if they can’t get any worse they do for Chad Ochocinco Johnson. Johnson who just recently found a new home with the Miami Dolphins after a lackluster season with the New England Patriots was arrested on Saturday for domestic violence for allegedly head-butting his wife. Johnson is married to Evelyn Lozada from […]

The answer is fact! The woman with the world’s largest breasts lives here in the DMV! She will be featured TLC’s Strange Sex for the premiere of the 3rd season. According to the show the woman’s breasts weigh 85 pounds. She suffers from a disorder called gigantomastia which slows the growth of breast and fat […]

A D.C. police office has been but on leave after he allegedly said he would shoot Michelle Obama. What?! This dude has committed career suicide and pretty much has eliminated any chance of him having any career whatsoever other than number one “dummy.” The story was broken with the Washington Post and according to the post: The […]

It is still mind-blowing to me that on this day 3 years ago we lost the greatest of all time to sudden and unexpected death. I just wanted to share with you all the thoughts that I had on that day 3 years ago. I hope you enjoy the read and the music! R.I.P. MJ! […]

These are the stories that make see red beyond belief! Police in Kansas City have arrested a 29 year-old mother of three for locking and keeping her daughter in a closet for days causing her to become malnourished. According to reports the 10-year-old only weighs 32 pounds. Clearly underweight for a child her age! The girl’s […]

Can you remember where you were the first time you heard “Purple Rain” or “Do Me Baby?” Today we celebrate the birth and greatness known as Prince! So turn up your speakers at work and vibe out to his ‘Royal Badness’ today! Click here for the dope Prince playlist in honor of his birthday. Enjoy! […]


Attention hoop fans for the third time in four years Bron Bron will win the 2012 NBA MVP. LeBron joins seven other players to win the MVP at least three times but he’s the only one who hasn’t won a championship. The question still remains will the Miami Heat get it done this season. My money is […]

The shorten NBA season is now over and there were two questions answered yesterday. Yes, the playoffs are going to be real entertaining and the Wizards still stink! What a start to the NBA postseason from the embarrassing destruction Bron Bron and the Heat gave to Melo and the Knicks, to Durant’s amazing last second […]

Former NFL player and current NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp filed for Chapter 7 and not a chapter in his forthcoming book but we are talking bankruptcy! According to the AP he owes $6.7 million dollars, we are sure he wished he won the Mega Millions last week! Sapp filed in Florida where he resides. […]

Tiger, Tiger Woods y’all is not performing up to “par” on the golf course at this weekend’s Masters Tournament. Woods has had 3 horrible rounds starting on Thursday thru Saturday and is all but out of contention of winning the thing on Sunday. Tiger let his bad play get the best of him on Friday […]