The Dreamer The Believer

Your best bet is to just let Common enjoy his evening when you see him out at a bar or club. Women, drinks, laughs, and such are the only things he’s checking for. He wants no problems. But if static does happen to find him, as it does in the video for his latest single […]

Common dropped by KYS to talk about his upcoming album, The Dreamer, The Believer. He let us know about a couple features we can expect to see on the project. He also spoke on his beef (or lack thereof) with Drake and about President Obama’s reelection. Check out what he had to say! [ooyala xkNXM0MzpvygpOTQEvr7DZz2etPz8B3z […]

Common recently dropped by the KYS studios. While he was here, he blessed us with a freestyle during an interview with EZ Street. Check out the video! Shout out to First Impressions!