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It had been almost a year since Beyonce and her father/former manager Matthew Knowles had seen each other all right up until she gave birth to her first born. It has been reported that Beyonce did not want her father in the delivery room at all while giving birth but her hubby Jay convinced her that it was best to have him there.

Right before giving birth Matthew Knowles walked into the delivery room and mama Bey immediately broke down in tears, as well as Jay too!

Bossip.com Reports:

“Nothing brings family together like a new baby. Rumor has it that Beyonce’s parents Tina and Mathew Knowles were spotted with flowers and pink balloons tied with silver and black ribbons at the hospital over the weekend.

Beyonce and her father who were on the outs for almost a year due to the child he had out of wedlock and money related issues, had an emotional reconciliation in the delivery room before Blue Ivy entered the world.

According to sources Beyonce did not want her father there when she gave birth. but Jay convinced her to invite her father to the hospital and she did. Mathew came into the delivery room while Bey was in labor and she broke down in tears and cried openly. It was the first time she’d laid eyes on her father in almost a year. It was so emotional that even Jay got a little teary-eyed!”

Oh and we also have pics of her exclusive delivery room suite!