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Anthony Hamilton has a reputation for making great soul music that appeals to contemporary audiences, while maintaining the integrity set forth by soul stars from back in the day, and he stays true to form on his latest album Back To Love. If you love or like Anthony Hamilton, you’ll definitely enjoy his new project. Here’s why…

Good To Great

Back To Love is good upon first listen, but you appreciate each song even more after listening to it more. About that reaction, Anthony says he doesn’t mind and like that because, “When you like all at once, you’ll get tired of it all at one time.”

Familiar Sounds

Those who like Anthony Hamilton’s “The Point Of It All” (2007) will get a dose of what they liked about that song with his new song “I’ll Wait (To Fall In Love).” Both songs were produced by The Avila Brothers, and “I’ll Wait” is just as tremendous as its predecessor. Hit maker Babyface provided the soundtrack for Anthony Hamilton’s current hit “Woo,” and also produced “Mad” and “Pray” from Back To Love.

To The Left

On “Sucka For You,” Anthony sings a song that he describes as having a flavor “like an OutKast record” that’s “outside of the box.” And, it’s as good as it is lively!

The Unexpected

When Anthony Hamilton joined Jill Scott for her single “So In Love,” the expectations were high since they’re both artists who are loved. The duo lived up to the hit expectations and the song was a hit. The reaction was much different when it was announced that Keri Hilson would be singing a duet on Hamilton’s Back To Love. Despite low expectations, Keri delivers on “Never Let Go.”

So In Love

In addition to “Woo,” Anthony Hamilton has given his fans more songs to love. Highlights include “Best Of Me,” “Pray For Me,” “Never Let Go” and “I’ll Wait.”