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What in the world is going on!?

I was shocked and a little perturbed to hear that Dwyane Wade had a baby outside of his relationship with longtime girlfriend (now fiance) Gabrielle Union.  Now that that dust has settled, and Wade has confronted the issue, ANOTHER celeb had a baby outside out their relationship.  This time the culprit is that man named Luda…as in Ludacris.

Ludacris has not been on the music scene too much as of late; the only news we would see or hear about Ludacris, would include girlfriend Eudoxie.  And with that being said, it looks like Ludacris took a “break” like a Dwyane, because he got another woman (other than his girlfriend) pregnant too!  The woman who mothered Luda’s child is Tamika Fuller.

Like Dwayne, Ludacris is not denying that he is the father of the child.  He is taking legal action on how much he will have to fork over to Tamika every month.  Under Georgia law, Ludacris is supposed to pay $1,754.66, but Luda is trying to get that amount chopped with claims that he only brings in $25,842.41 a month.

Now I’m not one to count another’s coins BUT I highly doubt the payment will be cut or that Ludacris can’t make them, being Forbes reported him worth 12 million.

-JaLisa Dove


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