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Unfortunately racism and social media go hand-in-hand, especially when directed at black people. What’s also sad is that even kids express their racism online through their social media accounts. A recent example of this involves a white Indiana teen who decided to refer to a black cheerleader as the N-word, seemingly oblivious to the backlash such a disgusting sentiment would cause.

Tyler Tackett, a student at Western High School in Indiana, was standing next to a black cheerleader in a photo that featured two other students. He posted the photo to his Instagram account and referred to the young lady as a “n***er. The backlash was immediate and found its way to the school’s principal. After the fallout, Tackett decided to offer up an apology also via Instagram. The Root has further details on the controversy, including Tackett’s full apology.

Via The Root:

Racism has a way of rearing its ugly head on social media, especially when screenshots are so simple to take. And now a high school student is asking for forgiveness after calling a black cheerleader n–ger. Tyler Tackett, a student at Western High School in Russiaville, Ind., posted a Snapchat showing him, a fellow student and two cheerleaders. Apparently, Tackett felt some kind of way standing next to the black cheerleader and called her the n-word.

Soon after the photo went viral, Rick Davis, the school’s principal denounced the image on Twitter and expressed disappointment. There’s no word on the consequences that Tackett will face, but maybe he should have apologized directly to the woman he called the n-word.

You can check out Tackett’s full Instagram apology BELOW:


Hopefully his apology is sincere and not a simple attempt to save face or something he was forced to do by his family and school administrators. Currently, the young woman who he referred to with the racist remark has yet to be identified.


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