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In this day and age of the internet, everyone is trying to go viral and make a name for themselves.

But Jay Versace proves that when you have ‘IT,’ the attention makes its way to you. The 19-year-old internet star got his start on Vine a few years back with his hilarious impersonations of classic R&B songs and singers.

The young funnyman, who recently opened up to J-14 about his sexuality, has been featured in everything from Teen Vogue to Vibe. He even received a Soul Train Award for the Internet Soul Sensation Badu Award from his favorite singer, Erykah Badu.

She shouted out the New Jersey native on Twitter, admitting that she’s a huge fan.

In honor of his last year as a teenager, we’ve put together a list of our favorite Jay Versace videos…you’re welcome.

Anita Baker Impersonation

What other 18-year-old kid do you know who can hilariously impersonate Miss Anita?

Beyoncé “Sorry”

Weren’t we all like this after hearing Lemonade?

Toni Braxton “Just Be A Man About It”

Seriously, this kid is special.

Fantasia & The Wig


Erykah Badu “On & On”

No wonder Erykah Badu loves this kid.

The Optimistic Challenge Kickoff

Jay actually popularized the Optimistic Challenge before Chance The Rapper made it a trend on social media. #Trendsetter

Tyra Banks’ ANTM Blowup Reenactment 


Want more? Here’s a compilation of some of JV’s funniest videos on Vine before the app was discontinued.

You can also check out more hilarious videos by Jay Versace on his Instagram and Snapchat pages.

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