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I often get asked about diss tracks, especially with the climate of hip hop at the moment. Nicki vs Remy, Drake vs Meek, exc. Well diss tracks are nothing new, they have been going on since the beginning of hip hop. Hip Hop is built on Diss tracks, and they don’t be going anywhere. I’ve composed a list of my top hip hop diss tracks of all time. (explicit content)

15. Eminem – Nail in the Coffin (Benzino diss)

14. Common – The B**ch in you (Ice Cube Diss)

13. LL Cool J – Jack the Ripper (Kool Moe Dee diss)


12. Jadakiss – Checkmate (50 Cent Diss)

11. Lauryn Hill – Lost Ones (Wyclef Diss)

10. 50 Cent – Back down (Murder inc diss)

9. Canibus –  Second Round Knockout (LL Cool J diss)

8. KRS One / BDP – The Bridge is over (MC Shan / Marley Marl Diss)

7. Drake – Back to Back (Meek Mill Diss)

6. Dr Dre / Snoop – Dre Day (Eazy E / Luke Diss)

5.Ice Cube – No Vaseline (NWA Diss)

4. Jay Z – Super Ugly ( Nas Diss)

3. Jay Z – Takeover (Nas / Prodigy Diss)

2. Nas – Either (Jay Z / Rocafella Diss)

1. 2 Pac – Hit em up (Notorious BIG / Bad Boy Diss)

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