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The attorney for a Brooklyn, New York teen wants to know why an NYPD detective is still walking free after his client and another individual identified one of the cops who allegedly raped her after an arrest, The New York Daily News reports.

Michael David, who represents the 18-year-old alleged victim, said she identified Detective Edward Martins from a photo lineup. A friend who was with the teen when she was taken into custody also identified Martins.

“He should be arrested already,” David told The Daily News. He added that prosecutors would have filed charges against nearly any other sexual assault suspect. The attorney has notified the city that he intends to file a lawsuit.

Martins and Detective Richard Hall were working undercover buy-and-bust operations in Brooklyn on Sept. 14 when they apprehended the teen. Instead of taking her to the police station, the officers drove to a secluded area. She alleges that they forced her to perform a sex act on them, and one of the cops raped her, The Daily News reported.

A “high-ranking” NYPD source told the news outlet that the detectives told other officers that the teen consented to the sexual encounter.

David is outraged by that claim, which his client denies.

Speaking through her lawyer, the teen said, “I’m completely brutalized by the rape. My life is in shatters. Now every time I see any police, I’m in a panic.”

According to The Daily News, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office is investigating the case, as the NYPD awaits the outcome.

Meanwhile, police officials took the guns and badges of the two detectives, and placed their supervisor on modified assignment.

SOURCE:  New York Daily News


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