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Blue's Clues

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Another day, another show reboot that we didn’t know we wanted to see.

Last year, Nickelodeon began searching for their new Steve on Blues Clues, and comedian Yedoye Travis got his social media followers to help him land an audition.

Nearly a year later, and Travis finally has a callback with the network later this month. He’s already got some changes in mind that’ll make the new BC more lit than the old one.


Travis is also proof that you should always shoot your shot because you never know what may happen. After landing the callback, he must’ve been feeling himself because he actually aimed his shot at Chrissy Teigen and it actually worked.

If Yedoye lands the role, at least he knows Chrissy Teigen and her babies will be watching.

We’re all rooting for you, Black Steve!




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