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After 8 longs months of a Desus & Mero drought, the Bodega Hive is about to be blessed with a brand new show from their favorite duo.

Desus Nice and The Kid Mero are finally returning to television with their Showtime premiere tonight at 11pm, following their hiatus after leaving a nearly 2 year gig at VICELAND. Even though the duo still uploaded their podcast, Bodega Boys, weekly while on hiatus, fans are still understandably thirsty for the return of the visual art.

Now that February 21 is here and we’re all only a couple of hours away from a hot & fresh interpretation of Desus and Mero’s classic late night banter, fans all over the internet don’t know how to contain their excitement. From their daytime appearance on The View yesterday to them overcoming some spicy challenges on Hot Ones today, all of these teasers have the Bodega Hive’s anticipation at an all time high.

Knowing just how insanely unfiltered Desus and Mero’s content is, it’s probably a no-brainer that their fanbase is pretty problematic, too. With that being said, let’s take a look at how fans are reacting on Twitter to all of the excitement surrounding tonight’s premiere of Desus & Mero on Showtime:


You know, the hiatus of Desus & Mero was at the same time as a lot of messed up stuff happening with our country–coincidence? I think not.

But New Yorkers are more proud of them than anyone else. Because, ya know, the Bronx.


And there are some real concerns to be had, like keeping that same energy they had at VICELAND.


While some of us are just in straight up disbelief because it’s been so long since we’ve been blessed by the Bodega gawds.

And of course, there’s just some real, raw excitement. The Bodega Hive is on Cloud 9.

Oh, and lots and lots of Desus & Mero GIFS.

Whatever way you express your excitement for tonight’s Desus & Mero return, just know, there’s probably someone on Twitter who’s just as excited and probably wildly problematic.

In the meantime, while we all wait for that new Showtime goodness, peep Desus and Mero on Hot Ones being even more spicy than usual. And if you haven’t gotten your premium cable subscription yet–it’s time to bite the bullet; If you really think about it, $4.99 is nothing for an endless amount of Trumpito jokes, hot takes, and throwback City Island stories.

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