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E.A.T. Group Photo - Malik Jarrett

Source: Zeplyn Tillman / Angie Ange In The Morning

The E.A.T. brand is one that no matter where you in the city you will see. Either someone wearing a hat, a shirt, jacket or even the E.A.T. shoes. This brand has taken over the DMV and is reaching to other states as well as other countries too! Malik Jarrett, the company’s CEO, shares with Angie Ange in the Morning where it all began and some of the plans he has for the future!

DC Natives Day

Source: Brian Stukes / ON-SITEFOTOS

“If You Don’t E.A.T. You Die In The Street”

Elevate All the Time is what “E.A.T.” stands for and the theme of Malik’s life. He doesn’t want people to just wear the clothing but understand the message behind it. He is excited to share his new venture EAT Cares which is a non-profit providing youth with job training and mentoring. As a part of that he is hosting a college tour to give D.C. students the exposure to different colleges and environments. Malik shares that college changed his life and knows he needed those four year to make him who is today.


Malik stuck around and joined in on the Great Debate, where the topic was Jennifer Hudson and the drama with her separation from David Otunga. Listen to the full debate below…