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Actress, Producer, and television host, Vivica Fox, sat down with WKYS’ own, Chey Parker, at the 4th Annual Black Girl Health Kickstart Expo this month in Washington, D.C. The all-day event attracted more than 1,000 women and included 27 workshops and well-known health experts and celebrities from all across the country. After her appearance, Fox chatted with Chey to talk all about her book, “Everyday I’m Hustling”, aging gracefully and taking care of her health, and of course, 50 Cent.

It’s no secret that Fox is one of the most beautiful and talented women in Hollywood and has enjoyed a long-lasting career with roles in Days of our Lives, Booty Call, Set it Off, and Soul Food. Now adding author to her resume, Fox calls her book a “motivational memoir” and credits her success to “sheer, roll-up your sleeves DIY hustle.”

“Versatility has been the key to my success. I always tell young actresses, be a triple threat. Be able to sing, dance, act. Also, realize that you’re in a business called show business. The more you can figure out the business behind the show, the length of a career you will have,” says Fox.

Now how does a woman who works so hard make it look so effortless? Fox says she pays really close attention to what she eats, and how much she eats.

“I had to learn how to cut portions. I also had to learn how to embrace things that I could eat and things that I could not eat.”

Another possible secret to Fox’s timeless beauty is that she no longer lets her former relationship with 50 Cent get to her.

“… I wanted people to have clarity about that relationship. I have a chapter that’s called “the devil is fine and that’s how he gets you.” I had to learn to not beat myself up over that relationship not working out. For the longest time, I kept trying to fix it … finally, I just had to say, ‘you know what? He can be himself. He can do him and imma do me. But let me fall back in love with me, so God can send me the king I truly deserve,” Fox explains.

I know that’s right girl. Don’t let nobody’s son stress you out!

Check out the full interview below: