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Source: BeautyStat / BeautyStat

In my very first Beauty Cabinet column, I revealed that I’m a vitamin C groupie when it comes to skincare. That means you can pretty much get me to try any product that has the complexion-brightening, hyperpigmentation-reducing, even skin tone-promoting ingredient inside. But there were two things that particularly excited me about adding BeautyStat’s Universal C Skin Refiner to my regimen: (1) It’s been named a best beauty product by nearly every mainstream mag around and (2) it’s Black-owned.

A few things that make the Universal C Skin Refiner stick out from similar serums is the fact that it’s formulated with 20% pure Vitamin C, also known as L-Ascorbic Acid, which is 5% more than one of my current go-to’s, making this product far more potent. It’s patented formula also ensures no degrading of the product over time, again unlike the other serum I’ve been using which specifically states on the packaging that it’s not meant to be stocked up and should be used right away. Other ingredients include EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate), an important active component of green tea that synergizes with Vitamin C for strong anti-aging protection; Squalane, a derivative of olive seeds that provides light moisture that’s safe for sensitive skin; and Tartaric Acid, which provides the optimum pH level for skin absorption. Combined, the ingredients help increase collagen synthesis, soothe inflamed skin, and brighten and even skin tone.

Upon my first use, I could see why Harper’s Bazaar and Allure named the Skin Refiner the “best vitamin C serum.” (Cosmo also named it the “best dark spot corrector.” There was a silkiness to the texture of the serum which felt really nice against my skin and, quite frankly, is lacking from some of the other products I’ve tried. The formula was also lightweight and, aside from when I applied it post-microneedling, felt really gentle on my skin. (It’s better to use hyaluronic acid or alpha hydroxy acids on the skin after treatments like microneedling.)


Source: BeautyStat / BeautyStat

Since it’s recommended that you follow the Refiner with BeautyStat Universal Pro-Bio Moisture Boost Cream, I did just that. The key ingredients in this moisturizer are Hyaluronic Acid, which binds moisture to skin; Ceramides and Pomegranate Sterols, which protect and repair skin’s moisture barrier to seal in hydration and also minimize premature fine lines and wrinkles; and Ganoderma and Bifida Extract to help soothe, detoxify, and protect against environmental pollutants.

The website calls the Moisture Boost Cream “light as air” and, truthfully, it is, almost like a whipped soufflé. If you can’t tell by now, texture means a lot to me when it comes to skincare, and while this cream is perfect for use year-round, I especially love the idea of using it during warmer months when you don’t want a heavy cream on your face.


Source: BeautyStat / BeautyStat

Just 10 days ago, the brand launched its third product: Universal C Eye Perfector. The eye cream contains 5% Pure Vitamin C to brighten and lighten the eye area; CBD (Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil & Cannabis Sativa Flower/Leaf/Stem) to calm, soothe, and diminish skin reactivity; Hyaluronic Acid for moisture and plumping; EGCG for its anti-inflammatory properties; and antioxidant production to defend the eye area from pollution.

The first thing I noticed about the Eye Perfector is it’s slightly pearlescent, which boosts the brightening effect under the eye. Like the Moisture Boost Cream, it’s also lightweight and quickly absorbs into the skin which eliminates that stickiness you sometimes get from other creams that sit on the skin under the eye. And it’s been keeping dark circles and fine lines at bay, despite the lack of sleep I’ve been getting as of late.

Now for the Black part. BeautyStat was founded by Ron Robinson, a cosmetic chemist and 20-year veteran in the beauty industry who developed products for major brands like Clinique, L’Oréal, Revlon, and Avon. Though he initially felt like the world didn’t need another beauty brand, when he met up with a former colleague in 2018 who told him he had technology that could stabilize vitamin C, he eventually changed his mind. After a significant amount of testing, Robinson launched BeautyStat with the goal of using new beauty ingredients and technologies to create products that truly addressed consumer’s skincare needs. After using his products for a couple of weeks I’d say mission accomplished.


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