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Watch as Aladdin and Deja had the honor of interviewing the first cousin of Breonna Taylor, Tawanna Ford. Watch this powerful interview on the latest episode of Run That Back.

Aladdin and Deja Perez keep you up to date with everything in sports and entertainment! RUN IT!

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After a crazy week in the District, Aladdin and Deja Perez are here to get you caught up on everything in sports and entertainment that you may have missed including Snoop flying high but not as you may think.


Deja Perez and Aladdin talk about all the news in sports and entertainment that happened this week.

Aladdin and Deja Perez take us through the new moves, new relationships, new side hustles athletes are showing off, and more as we close our 2020...

Wizards GM Tommy Shepard pops in to let us know what's to come from a Wizards future with John Wall and Bradley Beal...

Deja Perez got the opportunity to sit down with RuQuan Brown to highlight athletic excellence in the DMV for the first episode of “A Giant Among Us”! He recently accepted a FULL ride to Harvard University!

Allow me to introduce you to Mary Elizabeth! Her client Woo App has a dope size-inclusive dating app!! She explains the app and how they’ve already helped tons of people find that curvy love!!! Enjoy the latest episode of “What’s Poppin!” the podcast

Singer-songwriter, Nick Sneed sits down with Deja Perez for an exclusive interview about his musical career.