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The two business besties united to bring the Atlanta community a Black-women owned co-working space, “The Bakery,” during COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2017, Chyna filed suit against the entire Kardashian clan claiming they interfered with her show with her ex-boyfriend, and is now saying NBCUniversal failed to alert her that Kris Jenner made accusations that she was beating Rob.

NeNe Leakes wants you to know that she and her husband Gregg are doing just fine despite rumors that she’s got a secret side dude.

Sadly, too many Black celebs and influencers are showing their true selves...and it's not pretty.

B. Simone is the latest celebrity who has felt the wrath for seemingly choosing to stay quiet during protests. On Saturday (May 30), the social media star took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the civil unrest going on across the country and specifically Black Lives Matter. In regards to the overall current state of events, B. Simone called out allies and non-people of color for their lack of response in the fight for justice, calling on them to get involved outside of sharing memes online.

At a time where emotions are running high, the social media comedian and star's ill-timed message of peaceful protests fell on deaf ears and angry hearts.

Well ain't this a blip!? The allegedly self-made Kylie Jenner isn't as rich as her or her family have claimed.

Kenya Moore says NeNe has been cheating on Gregg and everyone knows it!

Tanya Sam is using her experience to educate her fans...

The fans are wondering what's the status between Porsha and The Hot Dog Man.

Allegedly the cucumber expert Alexis Skyy and Ari said the hell with social distancing and decided to knuckle up.