Women’s History Month

Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter and dancer, Bobbi Storm closed out the show with her inspiring performance and caught up Lady Reddzz backstage

Phylicia Pearl Mpasi Talks With Lady Reddzz About Being Honored By Her Hometown, The Color Purple + More At The 2nd Annual WKYS 93.9 Women's Excellence Empowerment Brunch

From the enlightening panel discussion to the amazing performances, this years brunch was a day of empowerment and excellence from beginning to end!

Johanne Brierre used her decades of experience in the hospitality industry to ignite her passion for uniting creatives and small business owners together.

Race Forward is honoring Women’s History Month with the release of 'Women Transcend,' a documentary shedding light on the struggles of incarcerated women in the U.S. The post Race Forward Shines A Light On The Plight Of Incarcerated Women For Women’s History Month appeared first on NewsOne.

In celebration of Women's History Month, we put together a gallery showcasing the WNBA's all-time best players!

For Women’s History Month, we spotlight poet and artist Monique Lorden’s journey. Check out a gallery of her work inside.


Speaking exclusively to NewsOne, Iyaluua’s family and friends praised her as a mentor who showed, not simply told us who she was as a Black woman warrior. The post The Extraordinary Life And Peaceful Passing Of Iyaluua Ferguson: Revolutionary, Grandmother, Warrior, Teacher appeared first on NewsOne.

Join Us On Sunday, March 24th For WKYS 93.9's 2nd Annual Women's Excellence Empowerment Brunch at Bethesda Theater. Get your tickets here...

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Society tends to celebrate the ascension of Black women to high-profile positions, but promotions are not without challenges. The post Black Women Are Breaking Barriers, Even As They Face Severe Headwinds appeared first on NewsOne.

Laya Talks With Chey Parker After Her Performance At WKYS’ Inaugural Women’s Empowerment Brunch

GoGo Morrow Talks With Chey Parker After Her Performance At WKYS’ Inaugural Women’s Empowerment Brunch