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A new week more drama. A team building excursion in Miami for the 9Mag crew isn’t going as smoothly as Ryan hoped. Last week we saw the tattoo shop owner let the chopper ring on his employees, releasing a lot of pent up energy. Will it carry over though?

Despite the verbal tongue lashing from Ryan that saw everyone catch a stray, things seem calm again. The 9Mag has no intentions on apologizing or explaining himself, so his crew has no choice but to move on and accept what he said at the table last week. Charmaine though is still clearly in her feelings because all she wanted to do was restore past feelings.

While reflecting on the previous night, Charmaine is interrupted by her 9Mag nemesis Lily.  Surprisingly the hot-headed artist is not there to bother Charmaine, but instead, explain that she is not feeling all of the rules Ryan has in place at the new shop and that she wants to come back and work at the old shop.

Wait… what?

Now, remember Lily begged Ryan to give her a booth in his new situation and even rubbed the fact the 9Mag owner left his old employees in the old shop. Now she realizes that she won’t be able to get away with the ridiculousness in Ryan’s new joint she wants to go back. Charmaine shockingly takes the revelation quite well but at the same time is in her head like really Lily?

With everyone “cool” again the Black Ink Chicago crew takes their ratchetness to a golf club to hit the links.

While there the brothers Phor and Don have a heart to heart. Phor is nervous about an upcoming performance he has in Miami spot and reveals he has a special guest coming.

Fast-forward to the event, we learn that Phor’s special guest is none other than Black Ink Crew’s HR manager Sky. You would think she would be on her best behavior based on the fact that this isn’t her crew but of course not.

After her ridiculously loud entrance, things go downhill from there. While making a joke about everyone being too drunk to be around, she notices that Jet isn’t really feeling her presence due to his facial expressions. Sky doesn’t like that one bit and decides to throw a whole drink at the man even though he didn’t do anything to her.

Jet doesn’t react to Sky’s foolishness luckily for her, and after Ryan explains that Jet didn’t do anything to her, Sky quickly calms down like nothing happened. She explains that at that moment she was going through a depressing time and Ryan is just confused the mess only happened 6 minutes ago. Yea Sky needs to sit on someone’s couch because that is just not normal.

That wasn’t the only drama that went down in that club that night. Things get extra spicy between Charmaine and Lily once again after she decides to invite her Neek to Miami. Lily is not too fond of him due to the fact he called her a racist on social media for her rampant use of the n-word. Lily tries her best not to confront the couple who is chilling on the other side of the spot, but the alcohol she is consuming won’t let her exercise chill. While Lily in her drunken state tries to talk to Charmaine, Neek is not trying to hear it and wants her to go. Things go from 0 to 100  real quick with security having to intervene swiftly. The damage has been done, the shaky peace treaty between Charmaine and Lily is now void.

Charmaine and Neek had enough of the nonsense and decide to bounce and opt to stay at a hotel instead of the house. Back in the club, the lines have been drawn in the sand, and despite her reckless behavior Van takes Lily side and is willing to forgive her and let her return to the old 9Mag to work.

The next morning the group decide to hold a meeting to discuss what happened between Lily and Charmaine at the club the following night. Charmaine is over it and wants Lily gone, but to her surprise, her “brothers” decide to keep Lily around because she is an artist and can contribute. Not to happy to hear that the people she considers family have decided that her happiness in the shop isn’t that important, Charmaine tearfully quits 9Mag and makes her exit with Neek.

Damn, you hate to see it.

We will see how this all plays out next week, for now, hit the gallery to see the reactions to last night’s episode.

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