Yo Gotti told the world he had a crush on Angela Simmons in his hit “Down in the DM.” He went on to suggest that he was making a play and things were looking good. Well, we know the truth now. There is no Gotti and Angela. With her not-so-recent announcements of her engagement and […]


Sometimes, rumors turn out to be true. After weeks of speculation, Angela Simmons confirmed on Friday night that she and her fiancé Sutton Sean Tennyson are indeed pregnant. The socialite and reality star shared the news on Instagram, showing off her beautiful baby bump up close: https://www.instagram.com/p/BF7rV5hzUdZ/?taken-by=angelasimmons&hl=en This will be the first child for the […]

TMZ photographers hounded the reality star and entrepreneur at the LAX airport about the alleged pregnancy

Tis the season to get wife’d up. Angela Simmons posted that she is engaged on Instagram.  We have no idea who her fiance is, but she’s keeping him on the low. At least we know it’s not Yo Gotti seeing that he unfollowed her once he heard the news. 

There's a man out there who's making Angela Simmons very happy— but the public has no idea who he is.

Looks like Yo Gotti lost to Angela Simmons’ new #MCM #MCE. Angela posted this picture today hinting suggesting she has somebody. Who is dude though?

      Today, Yo Gotti was featured on The Real where he got an opportunity to send a message to his crush, Angela Simmons.