When news broke back in 2012 that Whitney Houston had died due to a drug overdose, many people speculated that it was Bobby Brown who introduced her to narcotics. Since the star’s untimely death, it has been revealed that her brother Michael Houston was the one who introduced her to drugs. But sources say that it was her other […]

Nicki Minaj's brother Jelani Maraj was in court on Friday for the rape case in which he's being accused of predatory assault of a child.

Two days after the death of her husband, Celine lost her beloved brother to cancer.

When your family makes it clear that they don’t like the person you plan to marry, you better make sure your family members aren’t as…

Auto-tune afficianado T-Pain has been in a war of words with another soldier of auto-tune. He and Future haven’t had the most pleasant things to…

Yesterday, I discussed with you that Hip Hop Diva Trina is suffering the loss of her little brother Wilbren after he was gunned down in Miami. Police have arrested a suspect:  The Sound Live Reports:  You may recall the reports yesterday that Hip Hop Diva Trina’s brother had succumbed to his gun shot wounds suffered over […]