Well, just when things look like were all groovy for their 5-year wedding anniversary Uncle Sam stepped in. It seems like some Republicans would like to know how did the Chiquita Banana Lady and The Camel were able to venture into Cuba. Damn, can’t these two just go a day without the world talking about […]

So Kim K’s proclamation to stay off of social media has been one epic fail! She just recently posted an image of her and showing her soon-to-be bundle of joy on Twitter. My attention was on them wolverine toes of her’s rather than the belly! Peep the pic after the jump!

So what do you get when mix FunkMaster Flex, Bridget Kelly and Kendrick Lamar? You get one hot track that I’m sure will be a summer banger for 2013! Listen to this new track coming from the upcoming new mixtape from FunkMaster Flex called “Who You Mad At? Me Or Yourself? Listen Now!

So I just finished chopping it up with my Rasheeda from Food Networks “Worst Cooks in America” one of my favorite reality-shows on today. Listen to her speak about her experience on the show, what she learned from Bobby Flay and Ann Burrell and what new things she learned to cook! Be sure to peep her […]

We are less than a day away from one of the most anticipated Super Bowl games in years! It’s a battle of two brothers, two equally balanced teams, the swan song of one of the best players to ever play the game and the emergence of young Kaepernick to the main stage! So let your […]

Well it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes or my favorite “In Living Color” character…The Head Detective to solve this buffoonery of a case! According to reports the man who allegedly supplied Ray Lewis with the infamous “deer-antler” spray can not definitely say whether or not the All-Pro and future Hall of Fame inductee used the spray. Hmm…just as everyone with a bit […]

What a game! One that will go down on the NFL Network as an instant replay and classic game! The Baltimore Ravens went into Peyton’s land and did what all the analysts and others proclaimed they couldn’t do…and that’s win. A team riding high on the emotion and perseverance of their polarizing leader in Ray […]

Hey, ladies I know with the impending holiday quickly coming up you are in need of some gift ideas to get that man in your life! Well, have no free Stretch is here to help…simply because I’m a dude and I know everything! Okay, I don’t know everything but I do know what’s on the […]

As promised for all the Jodeci fans out there such as myself here is the all Jodeci – GNK Mix from Sunday night! DJ Gemini brought the heat with this one! Play this one at full blast morning, noon and night! Enjoy! Jodeci – GNK Mix


Attention hoop fans for the third time in four years Bron Bron will win the 2012 NBA MVP. LeBron joins seven other players to win the MVP at least three times but he’s the only one who hasn’t won a championship. The question still remains will the Miami Heat get it done this season. My money is […]