The Miss Teen USA organization, not at all concerned that their newest role model used the N-word, defended the Texas teenager.

A Utah school district punishes a White teacher for using the N-word during a history class. The teacher said he meant no harm in using the word to explain its meaning before showing students the film 'Glory.'


Was Wilmore out of line for using the racial epithet when referencing the nation's first Black president?

An incident surfaced of a teacher calling a student the n-word in class at Boston Latin School. It happened 18 months ago, but came to light during a federal investigation into multiple instances of racial abuse at the prestigious high school.

Last night's episode of "The People v O.J. Simpson" delved into the inner workings of lead prosecutor Marcia Clark and the tactics O.J. Simpson's "Dream Team" of lawyers used to best her.

Ja Rule gives his two sense on the controversial topic.


  Post Malone has been under serious fire on social media after footage of him saying the N-word surfaced, but he’s issuing a response the…


Future is gearing up to drop Dirty Sprite 2. So as we await its midnight release, I decided to play “Trap N*ggas,” to which a co-worker…

During a Monday interview with comedian Marc Maron, President Barack Obama used the n-word to drive home the point that the shunning of the word in today’s…

Chet Hanks defends his position on why he should be able to use the "n-word."

Zzzzzz — Chester M. Hanks (@CHETHAZE) April 13, 2014 Tom Hanks‘ rapper son, Chester, is the latest White artist to appropriate the n-word, and…