Perez Hilton

Certain jokes between friends simply shouldn't be posted online for fear of being taken out of context.

  It seems nowadays that people can’t have their own opinion without someone trying to silence it. Last night, K.Michelle and Celebrity Blogger, Perez Hilton got into when K  gave her opinion on Iggy Azalea.     It continued…   K Michelle: I know my lane and that’s not even a desire of mine. My music […]

  Azealia Banks gives the London Sunday Times one of the most outrageous interviews you will ever read. The 22-year-old rapper gives quite an explanation for her wild demeanor and her reckless mouth.   This past weekend the London Times posted a very revealing and telling interview with Azelia, where she aired her abusive childhood, […]

Chris Brown definitely shocked the world when he announced that he lost his virginity at an early age, in an interview with The Guardian UK earlier this week. Wendy Williams and Perez Hilton, whom  haven’t been the nicest toward the music star in the past, teamed up to roast Brown about his recent interview during “Hot […]

Rap beef in the age of Twitter can quickly take on a life of its own. It’s hard enough keeping up with the back-and-forth of…