TEYANA TAYLOR HERE TO SERVE Without a doubt, WTP is the best record off sophomore album, K.T.S.E. Finally we get visuals! The self-directed music video takes a look inside the queer ballroom scene full of dancing, voguing, pelvis popping, and serving looks. The video fairly pulls influences from Viceland’s TV docu-reality series, My House. The television series featured […]

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"If it's something that I want to explore, that's what I'm going to do,"

The star-studded flick follows the story of two best friends trying to get a record deal before one leaves for the military and the other goes off to college.

Teyana Taylor broke the internet again last night. She tore down New York Fashion Week to Future’s “Mask Off”, But we didn’t really need the music at all.

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Push through for the culture, Teyana!

Like female rappers of present day, Teyana's character will be trying to shine as a lyricist sans the overt sexual appeal.

Teyana Taylor has been everyone’s body goals for years now, but it wasn’t until after she gave birth to baby Junie that people really started to take notice. Mrs. Shumpert‘s VMA debut as the star of Kanye West‘s “Fade” video also helped catapult her to another stratosphere of bae-ness. Now, according to the singer, we […]

Teyana Taylor takes a creative approach to advertising her new business.

Teyana posted a montage video of their daughter who's full name is Iman Tayla Shumpert Jr. on Instagram.

The couple celebrated her 25th birthday on Saturday (Dec 10) with family, friends, and a ton of gifts.