Hailing from Virginia – Yung Rahz shook the airways with a flawless KYS Versus win. With a flip of a record we love, this is the version of So Sick we never knew we needed. From basketball playing to setting million dollar goals for the year, Yung Rahz has a promising journey ahead. Watch his […]

You read that right – 400 instances of one Virginia officer apparently using racial bias to wrongfully target drivers in the area. According to the Washington Post, Jonathan Freitag, 25, is accused of making up reasons to pull people over and planting drugs in Fairfax County. Though the investigation is still underway it is said […]

A super collaboration could be on the way and the internet is already going wild. Early Tuesday, Virginia native Trey Songz shared two pictures of him alongside Chris Brown and Usher in what looks like a studio. Trey did not caption the two Instagram pics, however, that did not stop fans from hopping in to […]

    Rapper and producer Pharrell Williams is expanding his brand by getting into the hotel business. According to Complex,the Virginia native is opening a hotel in Miami, Florida. The Goodtime Hotel will debut in South Beach next month. “The Goodtime will light up this community. People are going to be inspired by what we’re […]

Dj Gemini is The Soundtrack to your Cookout all weekend long, Live on 93.9 WKYS celebration Memorial Day. Be Sure to follow Dj Gemini at @DjGeminiLive for mixes daily.

On Tuesday Morning Washington Washington Football Team safety Montae Nicholson was involved in a fight outside of a Virginia Bar. Loudon County Sheriff arrested Nicholson and he was charged with assault and Battery, also charged with being drunk in public. He was released on 2,500 Bail later that day. According to reports, a fight broke […]

Sorry, Reality TV fans if Songz does decide to eventually do a reality show there won't be any tea in it. Find out why and where the singer goes once a month...


The room of Sally Hemings, a slave who had a long-term relationship with Thomas Jefferson, will be excavated at Monticello.


A Virginia judge sentenced five teens, convicted for spray-painting racial slurs on an abandoned building, to read books about diversity. Should the punishment for racial crimes be a trip to the library?


A Virginia waitress got a shocking note that read "great service, don't tip Black people" on a bill from a White couple she served at a restaurant Saturday.


The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and To Kill a Mockingbird have been snatched from bookshelves as a Virginia school district decides whether or not to permanently ban the books.

Richmond, Virginia, bars under fire for posting dress codes that some believe subtly targets Black people. It lists items stereotypically associated with African-American men.