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Volunteers in Marlow Heights turned and helped families in need for Thanksgiving with a truck full of turkeys and can goods.  Shout out to the Deltas and Sigmas for supporting this event.  As a case worker and community activist, I have seen families go hungry all too often and I not talking just during the holidays.  This is all year around.  One may think that food stamps also know as the EBT card has enough on it, but that is a big NO IT DOES NOT.

Groceries are very expensive and if you dont have good transportation, you can not get to the stores that have discounted prices.  One gallon of milk is $3.50 and with a family of 3 that may last 4 days. That’s $17 a month just in milk.  The point here is that food costs and it also causes people to eat unhealthy things because its cheaper which leads to medical issues and bills.

So if you see someone hungry and you can afford to help them, please do it. You can make a difference.