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Get fit and stay fit while at home with my Midday Workouts. Midday Workouts focus on burning calories, building muscle and building a better you!

Today’s workout is a  total-body blast.  Perform each exercise for 45 seconds to 1 minute, going straight into the next exercise after your time is up. When you have completed all five exercises, take a 30-second rest break. Repeat circuit 4-5 times.

Remember to warm up before and cool down after this workout!

1. Frog Hop/Push Up/Pop Up/ High Knees


2. Weighted Squats with Pulse


3. Boat Sprawls


4. Single-Arm Tricep Push-Up ( Left and Right Sides) 



5. Wall Taps

To join a virtual class or to learn about fitness challenges visit LoveJackiePaige.com or following me on all social media at LoveJackiePaige.