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During a speech that was delivered before police officials in Long Island, New York on Friday, President Donald Trump endorsed police brutality.

As the president unveiled plans to defeat the MS-13 gang, he also encouraged cops to be rougher with suspects.

Chrissy Teigen finally made it! She now joins the illustrious club of people who’ve been blocked by Donald Trump on Twitter. On Tuesday, the 31-year-old model posted a screenshot of a message informing her that she was blocked from reading Trump’s tweets on his @realDonaldTrump account. She accompanied the shot by saying, “After 9 years […]

The president’s eldest son admits to meeting with a Russian lawyer to obtain damaging Clinton information.

William C. Bradford, a senior Department of Energy official, has since apologized for his racist comments.

Um… This might be a but too far. Weird at the very least. Comedian Kathy Griffin says she wanted to do a “artsy, fartsy statement mocking the guy who mocks everyone” but she might have took it a bit too far. Griffin posted a video on her Instagram of a fake bloody decapitated head of […]

Well we all know, most of us aren’t feeling whats going down in the White House. What better way to express your opinion of how you feel than by song. This one is going viral. I give you the Donald Trump Impeachment Anthem. Enjoy.

Democratic congressman from Texas isn’t feeling whats going on in the White House for sure. Al Green, also one of the former leaders of the NAACP, Calls for the impeachment of Donald Trump on the House floor.

Dave Chappelle is singing the same song that many Republicans are singing these days — “sorry for defending Trump.” During a show in New York City on Monday, the legendary comedian admitted that he was wrong for going on SNL and pleading with the country to ease up on the Donald Trump hate. He hilariously […]