So who didn’t catch SNL last night? Well, if you missed Chance The Rapper host and Eminem as the musical guest you missed a dope show. We all miss the days of 44 and wish Barry was around just to put our minds at ease. This same sentiment is expressed by Chance The Rapper, Keenan […]

So who’s Claire Smith? Of course most of if not all may not know who this walking legend is. Well, let me be the one to school you. Claire Smith was recently inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame for her work as a sportswriter. Not just any sportswriter but she is the first African-American […]

Nike released this very powerful commercial highlighting the importance of equality in this country. I guess some of their colleagues out there should pay attention as well. I’m just saying…UA! Follow on Instagram @StretchG


Bruno Mars can’t do no wrong when it comes to music! This holds true with his latest video for “Gorilla” which stars actress Frieda Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire) as a stripper in a sleazy club! I love this video but I love me some Freida more!! Thoughts? Let me know on Twitter @Stretch_66