Where were you Saturday February11th, 2012? This will be a day that the world lost one of the most influential voices in music–Whitney Houston! A bona fide pop icon and global superstar is what Whitney was and will forever be remembered for being. I can honestly say I never thought I would have to be […]

Let’s see 2012 has not been so flattering to the Washington Wizards as of yet! They are the only team in the NBA who hasn’t won a game in this shorten season. The DMV is hungry for a team that will compete for championships but at this rate the Wizards can’t even compete for a […]

Hot Damn! The dopest of the Simmons sisters is stepping out from doing “pastry” to showcase them “cakes!” Well, not exactly but it sounded good in my mind! The entrepreneurial spirit has hit Vanessa Simmons once again and this time ladies it to help you show-off your sexy side. She just recently announced the launch […]

Pop super-star Rihanna can add another moniker to her already successful career and that is–Top Selling Digital Artist of All Time! On the chart that tracks digital sales from July 4, 2004 to January 1, 2012, Rihanna is credited with selling 47.5 million units. A part of Rihanna’s success can be attributed to her volume […]

Ladies your prayers have finally been answered! The man who caused panties to drop and made men hit the gym is finally back…sorta! D’Angelo has recently released a cover of Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden, which has made it’s way around the web. D’Angelo is set to release his third LP this year entitled “James […]

Who peeped the Cincy vs Xavier game on Saturday?! Another sad case where Twitter feeds the fuel to a fire that shouldn’t have never been lite. The melee that shouldn’t have happened occurred on Saturday night during a rivalry game between the two schools known as the Crosstown Shootout. “I have never been this embarrassed […]