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It’s time for a little Midday Workout! Today’s workout was designed to target the entire body for a total-body burn.

Equipment : Mat and a dumbbell

Perform each exercise for 45-60 second, moving on to the next exercise right after. Once you have completed all 5 moves, take a 30 second rest break. During this break keep your feet moving and grab a drink of water.

Repeat the circuit 4 to 5 times for a 20-25 minute, total body fat blasting at-home workout.

Remember to warm up and cool down for 5-10 minutes!

1. Toe Taps

2. Dumbbell Swings

3. Bear Crawl

4. Single-Leg Stabilization Hop Overs

5. Quadruped Arm/Opposite Leg


Be sure to tag me on social media( @LoveJackiePaige) doing today’s workout! If you want more workouts, like this one, or if you want to join me for a live workout following me on social!