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Late Buffalo, N.Y. restaurant owner John Young was reportedly inspired by the city's wing sauce of choice, taking the idea back home and is largely credited for inventing buffalo wings although that point has faced contention.

From Patti Labelle, Ayesha Curry to Kelis, we've rounded up five celebrities who we just know can throw down in the kitchen and are about to absolutely kill it in the kitchen this Thanksgiving!

The privately-owned powerhouse has enjoyed prominence for good reason, and the company has a trio of beers that will pair seamlessly with some of those Thanksgiving meal favorites.

For those of you looking to celebrate Black Restaurant Week in Florida, take a look at 10 go-to spots owned by us and making food especially for us in The Sunshine State.

Chris Brown set the tone with the announcement of his own cereal brand. Breezy Cosmic Crunch will be available at a store near you sooner than Breezy dropping an album! Chris Brown is certainly not the first artist to do it. Quite frankly, Soulja Boy cannot take that crown of being the first rapper with […]

Chris Brown Selling Limited Edition Box Of Cereal   Chris Brown is expanding his brand into the food industry with his own limited edition cereal!   The ‘Loyal’ singer has teamed up with SoFlo Snack to create his very own ‘BREEZY COSMIC CRUNCH.’ Starting tomorrow fans will be able to preorder the cereal for $23.99! […]

Why Thanksgiving Will Cost A Little More This Year   With Thanksgiving only three weeks away, keep in mind those families that may not be able to afford a turkey this holiday season!   It’s no secret that food prices are rising. The consumer price index indicated that the price of food has risen 5.4% […]

Rapstress Megan Thee Stallion recently teamed up with Popeyes to gift a Black-founded nonprofit with a six-figure endowment.

Aperol's distinction as an aperitivo makes it a great choice before a hearty meal, and they've joined forces with Talia di Napoli for an impressive Aperol Spritz and pizza bundle that should be the centerpiece of your next gathering among friends or a quiet family meal.

Waffle House Worker Pulls Gun Out Over Cheese Eggs   Is it ever this serious? A customer says a Waffle House employee in Atlanta pulled a gun on him over cheese eggs.     According to the customer, Cady Franklin, “It all happened over cheese eggs. At first, they didn’t bring them to me. Then […]

Not waiting for the Biden administration to defend the case or find another remedy, the group filed a motion to intervene. According to a statement released Tuesday afternoon, the group sees Section 1005 of the American Rescue Plan as a viable step toward addressing “ decades of well-documented discrimination at the hands of the USDA.”

As you may know, the things we eat and drink have a direct effect on the way we look and feel. There are certain foods that can be a great source of hydration with nutrients that are focused directly toward preventative skincare.