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Follow KYS On Twitter: Angie Ange in the Morning starts July 16, 2018 at 6AM. With 5 days left leading up to the kickoff of the Angie Ange Morning Show – we asked Deja Perez 5 interesting questions. 1. What 3 famous people, living or dead, would you want at your fantasy dinner party? -Because […]

Allow me to introduce the ever talented and ALWAYS hustling Ty Cobb!!! From MUA to creating/producing a reality show about MUA’s in the DMV!! To her work with young girls…to now being a published author!! There’s literally nothing Ty Cobb cannot do!!! You’ll hear an amazing story and even more phenomenal triumphs!! I’m so proud […]

Are you living in your purpose? If not…you’re about to be inspired!! Meet Lauren Buckner attorney turned fitness guru!! She even opened her own workout studio in DC to help introduce us to a healthier lifestyle! In addition to that…she also supports small owned businesses with her legal expertise!! Hope you enjoy the latest episode […]

Can we talk about body confidence??? How to embrace your body and love yourself! Deja Perez sits down to talk to the beautiful ladies of District Queens!!!! We got a chance to discuss issues and many more…including dating while curvy!!! You don’t want to miss it!! Sit back and enjoy the latest episode of “What’s […]

Kiera developed the company Fashion Mermaid when her aunt was diagnosed with cancer. She also created a campaign to get rid of bullying by helping to build the confidence of our young girls. Thanks for watching!

Follow KYS On Twitter: Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Insecurities are normally Taboo topics that our community don’t speak on. After hosting an event last weekened, Deja Perez stumbled upon some of her own and was able to somewhat confront them on Epsiode 5 of #PerezNStretch. What are your insecurities? RELATED: #PerezNStretch Episode 4: Worst […]

We are now into episode 4 into the #PerezNStretch podcast and the dynamic duo talk about “Worst First Dates.” Find out the worst first dates from Deja Perez and Strech along with fans of the podcast!. Related: #PerezNStretch Episode 3 “The D & P Challenge” Related: #PerezNStretch Episode 2: Let’s Play Cuff Related: #PerezNStretch Episode 1: Cuffin […]

The D&P (Y’all can figure it out) challenge has gone viral with many including some of the biggest celebrites in the world rapping about what you will do for some of “that.” Deja Perez and Stretch dish on the origins and if it’s doing a bit too much on episode 3 of #PerezNStretch. Related: #PerezNStretch […]

Deja Perez and Stretch are back for the second installment of their podcast “#PerezNStretch.” To add a bit of flavor to the show the duo invites two friends on the show to play a new card game entitled “Cuff.” Camille and Gold answer some of Cuff’s wildest questions so check it out and answer yourselves! […]

Follow KYS On Twitter: Welcome to the first episode of the KYS Podcast “#PerezNStretch” with Deja Perez and Stretch. In the first episode the duo speaks on the upcoming season that nobody will boycott: Cuffin Season. What’s the best way of navigating through the long season? Who are the players to look at? Perez and […]

Follow KYS On Twitter: Washington D.C. Native Kevin Ross performs his Number 1 single “Long Song Away” Live at 93.9 WKYS. Check out this wonderful performance plus learn more about the singer with 93.9 WKYS’ personality Deja Perez. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! More Kevin Ross: [Exclusive] Kevin Ross Performs His New Single “Baby Don’t Go” […]