Chance the Rapper announces the launch of the New Chance Arts and Literature Fund for Chicago public schools.

College students everywhere are pulling together their best creative proposals for a chance to intern for Chance The Rapper (pun intended). The superstar tweeted today that he was looking for an intern, but not in the typical sense of how many identify.  By the looks of his tweets below, Chance will be putting his intern […]

Someone’s resume is about to be lit. Recently, Chicago philanthropist and music artist Chance The Rapper put out a call for interns. He tweeted that he’s looking for “someone with experience in putting together decks and writing proposals.” With this post, the rapper immediately received thousands of tweets of people pitching themselves as the best […]

Chance The Rapper often brags about the joys of fatherhood and how much he loves being a dad to his 18-month-old daughter, Kensli — but lots of drama behind the scenes regarding his relationship with his baby mama. The Chicago Tribune reports that Chano and ex-girlfriend Kirsten Corley had agreed to an original parenting plan in June […]

The Grammy award-winning Chicago-bred rapper's claim to fame, has always been not being signed to a major label.

The Grammy-winning artist told the "Chicago Sun-Times" to "get the f--k back" for their hit piece.

You know I’m so here for Chance the Rapper… If you recall…last week he was so excited to meet with the Governor of Illinois to discuss the issue of education in the Chi! Well as soon as he came out from the meeting…he felt like he get a lot of BS answers but was still […]

Now this is AWESOME!!! Can you imagine if every rapper did this in their home town??…Maybe it’s time for us to reclaim our neighborhoods and schools by challenging the corporations and brands who use us for sales and profits.  Something to think about.  Way to go Chance!

When asked about what the governor said, Chance responded, "he gave me a lot of vague answers."


As has been the case with quite a few celebs recently (Octavia Spencer, Taraji P. Henson buying out theaters for Hidden Figures), fresh Grammy winner Chance the Rapper has gotten in on the action and rented out a movie theater on Sunday so folks could see Get Out, written and directed by Jordan Peele for free. […]

It looks like hip-hop is finally getting its recognition for producing influential writers.