Jay-Z has a number of President Donald Trump stans in their little feelings, especially those over at the Fox News network. After the Brooklyn mogul said during a recent interview that Trump is “bringing out an ugly side of America,” Tomi Lahren hopped into her struggle-mobile and threw shots at Hov while also mentioning his […]

On a lovely Easter morning, many folks were out enjoying the weather…   dressing in their spring best…   …and maybe enjoying a message of love and forgiveness.   Even the biggest of celebrities were probably giving their politics a rest to enjoy a nice day off. And then … Trump’s Twitter fingers came flying. […]

Former Vice President Joe Biden has never been one to bite his tongue  , When Asked about Trump’s comments toward women he explained how he would handle the President physically .  

  https://youtu.be/kca09vXz7Cs Military Recruiters Are Struggling To Beef Up Military Donald Trump wants to increase the size of the US Army but military recruiters are struggling to find people that want to enlist. Trump set a goal of 80,000 recruits this year, almost 10,000 more than last year, leaving recruiters to pick up the slack. With […]

The Stormy Daniels affair isn’t going away anytime soon for President Donald Trump, and results from a 2011 polygraph test going public will only egg on the chatter. The adult film starlet’s test results were obtained by the Wall Street Journal and published today, confirming that she did indeed have unprotected sex with the former […]

Trump has been bragging about jobs, but the White House resignation floodgates just can’t seem to stay shut.

After the Golden State Warriors got “disinvited” to the White House by Donald Trump, many wondered what would be the teams plans when they visit Washington, D.C. to play the Wizards. Now we have an idea of what the team plans to do. The team plans to go on a private tour of an undisclosed […]

People were shocked to hear that Omarosa Manigault-Newman was headed to the “Celebrity Big Brother” house after leaving the White House.

President Donald Trump’s hair is always a hot topic in the news.