Today Angie’s HOT Topic was about the recent discovery that Lil Yatchy wrote The City Girls Hit Song “Act Up”. This is shocking because you just wouldn’t think the lyrics in this song would come from a man. “Real ass b****, give a f*** ’bout a n**** Big Birkin bag, hold five, six figures Stripes […]

This weekend something special is being celebrated. Of Course Easter and Resurrection Sunday but on April 20th aka Four Twenty, there will be a high around the city that can’t be denied. On Saturday April 20th, the National Cannabis Festival is back at it again! Caroline Phillips, the festival founder, is one of the very […]

Social  Media a part of majority of the world’s everyday life. Either you’re using it to promote yourself, learn, get news or just be nosy, it’s something that is in constant use for most of us. But this morning the Angie Ange in the Morning Crew was having a good laugh over this video… So […]

Michael Ealy spent some time back at home in the DMV to promote his new film “The Intruder” alongside the beautiful Meagan Good. Angie Ange saw an early screening of the film and loved it, “It was suspenseful and Ealy’s character was really real.” But she had some questions for the choices Annie, Meagan Good’s […]

Angel Anderson is not only a very successful entrepreneur but is also the co-founder of DC Natives Day. She joins Angie Ange in the Morning to share her story of how she started her business and what inspired this day to bring all of those born and raised in DC together to celebrate…

Jerell shares how his invention, The Insta Laptop 2.0, helps those who can’t afford a laptop, use their phones to fulfill the same functions. Jerell is a Junior at Friendship Tech Prep in Souteast D.C. Below he explains how his invention works…

Today’s Great Debate – is from the Great Lonnie B’s segment, Dear Judy. Here’s the Breakdown: A married woman with three kids is pregnant with her fourth child. She is scared to tell her husband that she doesn’t want it, and wants to get an abortion! What should she do??

How did we get here? The Wizards are out of the playoffs. Which isn’t a big surprise judging how this season went. There were so many twists and turns. Crazy story lines, rumors on top of more rumors. I mean there was a cuss out between Coach Scott Brooks and John Wall. Let’s take a […]

For Today’s Great Debate is asking, would you send your child’s parent to federal prison? Nas is suing Kelis for 20 charges of contempt and she could possibly face real prison time! Would you all be able to send your child’s other parent to prison? See some of the responses below and let us know […]

We’ve all visited the home of a friend, family member or random hook up and saw things missing that automatically made you judge them. So we asked our listeners to fill in the blank: “I Automatically Judge You If You Don’t Have ____ In Your House!” We had a lot of funny responses but some […]

Today’s Morning Message is dedicated to people who always put themselves second. Everything comes before them because they may have a fear of being seen as “selfish”. Iyanla Vanzant, who has been fixing lives for years, says you must fulfill yourself before you can pour into anyone else “…you wanna come with your cup full… […]

The E.A.T. brand is one that no matter where you in the city you will see. Either someone wearing a hat, a shirt, jacket or even the E.A.T. shoes. This brand has taken over the DMV and is reaching to other states as well as other countries too! Malik Jarrett, the company’s CEO, shares with […]