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Best Form Comes From Practice The First Lady of Young Money linked up with the General, with new visuals from her Queen album. Good Form comes as the fourth single with twerk vibes! In the video Nicki Minaj looks to be the head honcho in her army of gyrating women, including the Clermont Twins, dancing […]

Takeoff goes real extraterrestrial for his latest visuals in Casper From his debut album, The Last Rocket, the youngest of the 3 Migo members debuted his second single record Casper; personally one of my favorites from the project. Once known for being left off Bad and Boujee, Takeoff has grown into his celebrity being known as the most […]

Kodak Black is home! Fresh out the bean, yet, still on probation, Kodak Black seeks nonviolent content, & a short budget for his ascending record. I didn’t know if this music video was an official release or behind the scenes, but taking a page out of Young Thug’s unconventionally shot, Wyclef Jean music video, the Zeze […]

Returning to the R&B spotlight since the separation of 4EY, The Future; DMV’s Kenny Iko drops of his Keith Sweat-inspired chorus to, Nobody. Inside the scenes, Iko reminisces through flashbacks of his ex and comes to the conclusion that there’s nobody to replace what they had. Known for his large hair, classically trained range of melodies, […]

The self-proclaimed #QueenOfAtlanta gets sexy for her breakout single “Ride Good.” Since the days of being a social media personality & influencer, creating commentary videos for entertainment, she had signed to L.A. Reid’s HITCO record label, and garnished much radio-success! As for feature artist, B. Smyth, he became popular on the music scene creating covers from […]

Pardison Fontaine seemed to come out of nowhere with this club banger! It’s always smart when artists premeditate their records, because there’s no doubt in my mind that Pardison Fontaine had this song in his pocket for a while. Before the fame, Fontaine has been co-writing for Cardi B, assisting with 12 of the 13 […]

If you had a sex fantasy, what would it be? It’s obvious Jacquees & Trey Songz agree that yoga instructors may have the best jobs in the world! In the latest visuals of Inside the Atlanta and Virginia vocalists take a step inside in what looks to be a yoga studio, but turns out to be exactly […]

With June known as LGBT Pride Month, Ziggy is one who is definitely proud of her lifestyle. Enough so, the record “Discreet” may be incriminating! As an incredible writer, the Passenger artist is able to navigate listeners through her successful relationship lifestyles between two ladies in her new music video. Follow Ziggy on Social Media […]

According to a Noisey interview, one of QC’s co-founders, Pee, has known Lil Baby since he was a teenager and always believed he could turn into something special. In the “Cash” music video, he takes it to the strip club to floss out but also get intimate with lyrics…wait, is that the strip club from The Player’s […]

18-Years old, if that, fresh out of Ballou, Z-Roc. Since the release of DWID, the Weight On Me artist has been catching attention quickly around Southeast and Instagram. From hearing the content of both DWID & the follow up EP, DWID II, I’ve learned that Z-Roc’s lyrical capabilities go way beyond his age. Take “Weight On Me” […]

On May 17th, Largo’s multi-artist, Dreemy Alpha released his debut music project, 3FB Forever, accompanied by cinematic visuals from his popular production company, YSE Studios; featuring Lazy Da Kidd, Will Tha Rapper, Tino Loud, Jeff 2 Funny, and even a cameo from your’s truly. The release of the EP comes with 10 songs of a story themed around, “A City […]

The Canadian songstress exploded on the scene last year with her acoustic performance at the 2017 BET Awards, and has been a shooting star since. Her latest song “Body Count” pushes the envelope and conversation about what it is to have self-respect, self-worth, and at the same time, having a damn good time with life. […]