Will Smith issued a second apology after the infamous slap at the Oscars over the weekend.

While you are at home practicing social distancing, you may want to check out Bad Boys For Life. The movie that was released in theaters in January, will be making its way to On-Demand on March 31st. You will also be able to get the digital download on April 21st. A number of movie studios […]

Will Smith continues to shine through social media and memorable appearances. In a recent interview he dropped a gem about a call he received from Jay-Z. During his almost two hour sit down with the Rap Radar Podcast Big Will discussed a variety of topics including his start as a rapper, Jaden Smith and a new album […]

Will comically celebrated the talents he passed along to his son by spoofing Jaden's music video.

Will Smith is cradling a baby wombat as it rests in his arm. “This is our new baby,” he jokes. The clip begins with him feeding a crocodile with a long pole. “That wasn’t nothing,” he says. In another post, he’s solving the Rubik’s cube. If you scroll down some more, he and Denzel Washington […]

One month ago, one of the funniest, most accomplished men in the world gave social media a facelift when he joined IG.

The movie “Bright” took Netflix by storm and fans really enjoyed it.

Over the weekend one of our favorite celebrity couples celebrated their wedding anniversary. Will and Jada have been married for 20 years (boy does time fly). Still they are one of the biggest power couples that we have ever seen. How do they keep it going? Ask Will…

Follow KYS On Twitter: Just days ago singer/actor Tyrese claimed on social media that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith gave him $5 Million Dollars to get his finances situated and to stay off social media for a while. According to TMZ that may not be true. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Sources tell TMZ that […]

But he told everyone about it on Instagram, so shouldn't he have to give that money back? Asking for a friend.