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Midday Workout Time!!!

Step out the box ( literally) with today’s ladder workout. To build your at-home ladder, grab some old painters, duck or masking tape and make four to six squares on the ground (as pictured below).


Perform each exercise for 1 minute, going straight into the next exercise after the minute is up. When you have completed all five exercises, take a 30 second rest break. Repeat circuit 4-5 times.

Remember to warm up, before, and cool down, after, this workout!

1. In and Outs



2. Jump Squats



3. Walking Push Ups



4. Scissor Run



5. 5 Mountain Climbers with Hop


For more workouts and to join my virtual H.I.I.T and Zumba classes, be sure to follow me on all social media at LoveJackiePaige.