Chey Parker saw a twitter thread that got her thinking… Do Men actually marry the one they really really love? So we asked our listeners, True or False: When it’s time for most men to get married, they don’t marry the one they loved the most, they marry the one who is around? There were […]

There have been too many deaths of our young Black talents! There needs to be change within our community with guns and our health. With the recent passing of legendary film director John Singleton, due to Hyertension, there has to be more conversations about health in our community and culture. Geoff Bennett, our NBC News […]

We are almost half way through 2019! But, before April ends we’d like to celebrate Poetry Month by spotlighting the four poets who have joined us on Angie Ange in the Morning. Whiskey Girl, DMV Poet, Luki and New Vision all shared their art with us and our listeners. See the full intervews below and […]

Ward 8 is definitely doing something new and great! DC Greens, a nonprofit organization has partnered with the Giant grocery store on Alabama Ave in Southeast to offer “Produce Prescriptions”. Doctors can give a $20 voucher to buy fresh fruits and vegetables instead of prescribing pills. You may be asking, “But is it working?” NBC […]

Since tax day recently past but some people have filed for an extension, taxes are on a lot of people’s mind. Today we asked; if your child’s mother or father asked you if they can claim your child for one year on their taxes, what would you do? Would you let them or is it […]

We’ve all had that one job that wasn’t worth the stress and it was time to go! Or you may have done something or had a hater in the room and just know that they are going to try to get you fired. But what is the best way of handling these situations? Chey Parker […]

Twitter & Instagram are rethinking their design. Both creators admit that they kind of regret having the number of “likes” a post gets, show to the public because of how much it has impacted so many people in a negative way. There are so many young people that have grown up with social media and […]

The DMV has produced a lot of amazing talent, that has gone on to do amazing things! Jaimesha Thomas also known as “That Girl Jay Cole” is definitely one of those talents. She doesn’t consider herself a comedian but she has been making us laugh since the app “Vine” was poppin’! Her brand continues to […]

Join us for another addition of Thursday Night LIVE! at Society Restaurant and Lounge. Each week we give the stage to a local artist and tonight we have Martha Afework, a very talented singer and pianist. You don’t want to miss this performance so make sure you there from 7-9pm! We’ll see you there and […]

As we all know Lauren London has gone through tragedy and for the night of the premiere of her new show, I’m sure her and Nipsey had something very special planned. But sometimes getting fully involved in your passion and work is the best remedy. Jackie Long spoke with Angie Ange about their new show […]

E-Shöön Ashun, who is keeping her origin a secret, is excited to bring together from all over the DMV and beyond to enjoy the music of artist from some of the many countries in Africa. E-Shöön shared with the Angie Ange in the Morning Crew that she had dreams of becoming a singer but on […]

Did you know that the Broccoli City Festival started off as an observation? Darryl Perkins and some of his friends were celebrating Earth Day but noticed there wasn’t a space for people that looked like them to learn and share in this interest together. That’s when Broccoli City was born. The very first festival was […]